The group mainly produce metal packaging products such as easy to open the lid, providing customers with safe, economic and efficient packaging solutions.
The group is headquartered in Zhuhai, China, with Zhuhai, Putian, Longkou, Changzhou, Taiwan production base, a total of 17 aluminum alloy easy-to-open production lines.
The group provides customers with a variety of products, and with a stable long-term supply capacity, good product quality, has won the favor of many international and domestic well-known enterprises and long-term cooperation, the Group for a number of international well-known brands including soda water, energy drinks, beer, herbal tea, lactic acid milk, eight treasures porridge, etc. Authorized suppliers.
The group will rely on advanced technology, quality service and good corporate control and monitoring, to maintain its own sustainable development, and to maximize the value of customers, employees, shareholders at the same time to enhance their own value, and further strengthen the leading position in the industry.